Industry Reports

On-the-shelf industry reports providing clients with comprehensive information and in-depth analysis about market size, historical and forecasted growth, market share, market segmentation, competitive landscape, regulatory and policy framework, key growth drivers and key development trends, key player in-depth analysis to help assess the market's attractiveness and growth potentials.

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Customized Market Research

Customized market study upon specific requirements by clients in addition to value added services including investment target sourcing, company visits and/or business matching.

Commercial Due Diligence

In-depth analysis of target company’s market environment, competitive landscaping, its business attractiveness, and market positioning in M&A transaction. Thorough assessments of business risks and their impacts on the target’s assumptions and business plans

Market Entry Advisory

Support of investors and/or entrepreneurs to explore investment or trading opportunities and develop optimal market entry strategies (i.e M&A, Joint Venture, Minority Equity Investments, Foreign Direct Investments, Trading or any other partnership structure with local partners) with actionable recommendations for all stages in their business journey in Vietnam.


Our clients are foreign investors considering market entry strategy or local players seeking for competitive advantages via capturing insightful market dynamics

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