FiinResearch - Infographic: Vietnam Banking Report 2022

August 05 2022 FiinGroup

FiinResearch is pleased to present our Vietnam Banking Report 2022. In this report, we updated the performance of Vietnam banking sector with an emphasis on the credit growth, liquidity, asset quality, earnings quality and operational efficiency of the sector and individual banks in the post-pandemic context. In-depth analysis of key development trends and regulatory frameworks in the sector are also covered in the report.

FiinResearch - Infographic: Consumer Finance in Vietnam First-Half 2021 Review

November 12 2021

FiinResearch is pleased to present our report of Vietnam Consumer Finance, First Half-Year  2021 Review. This is the third half-year version in addition to our full-year review report series for this market.

FiinResearch - Infographic: Vietnam Banking Report 2021

November 12 2021

FiinResearch, the market research and consulting division of FiinGroup, is pleased to present our Vietnam Banking Report 2021. So far, FiinGroup has been publishing an annually updated Vietnam Banking Report for six years, providing the most comprehensive and insightful reports on the sector.

INFOGRAPHIC: Consumer Finance in Vietnam - First-Half 2020 Review

January 12 2021 FiinGroup

For the first time in a decade, Vietnam consumer finance market experienced a single-digit growth rate (9.2% YoY in the first half of 2020), following aggressive credit growth over the past few year. This is attributed to the dual challenge posed by COVID-19 pandemic and tightening regulations on cash loans disbursement prescribed at Circular 18/2019. However, despite the modest growth rate, Vietnam consumer finance maintained a contribution of over 20% of the country loan book.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam Consumer Finance Market 2020

August 25 2020 FiinGroup

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2020: Challenges and opportunities for getting ahead

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam Cement Market Report 2020

May 25 2020 FiinGroup

The growth momentum of Vietnam cement industry in 2019 has slowed down significantly for both domestic and export market. Despite the slowdown in sales growth, local cement manufacturers managed to achieve an improvement in profitability with EBITDA margin from 16.3 percent in 2018 to 16.9 percent in 2019 thanks to good cost management & the increase in retail cement price.

INFOGRAPHIC: Consumer Finance in Vietnam - First-Half 2019 Review

December 06 2019 FiinGroup

The CF market is turning to get a steady growth due to the concern about SBV’s proposed tightening policies on disbursement to new customers as well as limit of cash loans, which accounts for more than 30% of loan books in the majority of FinCos. In 1H2019. The CF market inched up 11.7% YTD growth.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam Banking Report 2019

December 04 2019 FiinGroup

Overall, Vietnamese banking system experienced a relatively stable year in 2018. The sector recorded moderate credit growth. Sectors that could threaten the stability of the system such as non-production loans including high-end real estate, consumer loans and black credit market are to be closely monitored.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam banking market 2018

January 16 2019 StoxPlus

Vietnam’s banking reported a successful outcome in 2017. The sector received USD2.39bn in net profit, financial efficiency improved, loan growth was strong, bad debts are being resolved, cost of financing was low, operations become more effective, and bancassurance booked enormous commissions.

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