FiinResearch - Infographic: Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2022

August 04 2022



FiinResearch is pleased to present our Vietnam Consumer Finance  Report 2022. We have updated Vietnam  Consumer Finance Market Report this year with the emphasis on an in-depth analysis of market share and financial performance among key players, the development of each product segment, prominent trends, new market entrants’ movements as well as regulatory framework of the sector. Data of selected FinCos for the 1Q2022 is also covered in the report.

Below are the most critical findings in our issue:

  • Building on the recovery in FY2021, Vietnam consumer finance market is poised to see robust growth in 2022

  • The pandemic spurred significant changes in FinCos’ market positioning

  • Sector average NPL ratio reached a new peak as the impact of COVID-19 4th wave on customers repayment capacity has been translated to FinCos’ balance sheet

  • FinCos are increasingly enhancing partnerships with both life and non-life insurers to expand non-interest income

View our full infographic HERE.

This infographic is a snapshot of our newest Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2022, you can explore more detail on our full report HERE.

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