Vietnam Warehousing: Aggressive expansion of foreign investors

June 10 2024


Vietnam warehousing sector has shown significant growth and resilience amidst global economic fluctuations.  

Despite the global economic slowdown, Vietnam warehousing sector continues to expand. This growth is driven by increased demand for cold storage facilities, particularly from the seafood processing industry and fresh food sectors, which account for up to 70-80% of the demand for cold storage in Vietnam. 

Key highlights to watch: 

  • Key Growth Drivers: Warehousing remains the most attractive logistics segment in Vietnam driven by strong trade activities, manufacturing and retail (i.e. modern trade, food service, etc.) 

  • Competitive Landscape: The modern warehouse market in the Vietnam recorded active participation of both local and foreign investors with mega facilities. Most active players incl. Mapletree, SLP, JD Property, Gemadept and Transimex. 

  • End-use Segments: Logistics, industrial, and retail are the top end-use customer segments Logistics, industrial, and retail are the top end-use customer segments. 

The warehousing sector in Vietnam is poised for robust growth in the coming years. With the recovery of the global economy and rising demand for high-quality storage solutions, the sector is set to attract significant investments. Key areas of focus will include expanding cold storage capacities, enhancing technological infrastructure, and ensuring compliance with international standards. 

FiinGroup's comprehensive report provides valuable insights into these trends and the performance of individual players in the market. This detailed analysis is essential for stakeholders looking to navigate and capitalize on opportunities in Vietnam's evolving warehousing sector. 

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