StoxPlus Executive Breakfast on Vietnam Consumer Finance Market 2016 set for launching

May 31 2016


The Vietnamese consumer finance market has experienced the fastest growth in 2015 over the past five years.

Last year was also marked with significant changes in the consumer finance market competition with many closed M&A deals and the rising of new players.

The agenda will center on current versus alternative consumer finance products, digital versus traditional sales channels, rising of FinTech, and market potential.

The event will attract nearly 25 high-profile executives from local and international banks, consumer finance companies, e-wallet and payment companies, as well as investors and investment funds.

This will be an ideal platform for consumer finance players to get an updated view on the current state of Vietnamese consumer finance market via StoxPlus analysis and research, and to have open discussions on hot topics of the industry. 

Industry experts also have a valued chance to network and understand others’ perspectives on the development trends and challenges of Vietnamese consumer finance market.

StoxPlus provides comprehensive ready-to-use financial information platform, business information portal, standard and customisable research reports and value added services via various devices such as PCs, websites and mobile devices to help customers analyse and make informed decisions.

Its customers comprise of local and financial and international investment institutions such as securities firms, investment funds, commercial banks and insurance companies. It also includes corporate executives, import-export traders, NGOs and individual investors, both domestic and overseas.

Here you can find the further comprehensive analysis about the Vietnam Consumer Finance Market: 

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