FiinGroup’s Data Analytics helps an Australia-based premium branded coated and painted steel manufacturer with partner-screening in Vietnam

December 23 2019


Pain points:

The Client has been looking for Vietnamese trading partners and potential customers for the sales of their new products in Vietnam. Accordingly, the Company needs to identify target customers, which must be top companies having factories in a selection of industries. The delegate comprising market analysis department and international business department of the Company has paid various visits to Vietnam but it couldn’t deliver a concrete approach in finding such targeted partners.

In addition, there is a limitation in accessing corporate data in Vietnam and there is no comprehensive data platform in the English language. Thus, they cannot figure out which companies should be targeted for meetings and business cooperation discussions. After two visits to Vietnam, the Company realized that they would need to start with the data analytics for a long list and then a short list of such potential partner or customer candidates in the targeted industries. They came to meet with our Client Advisors at FiinGroup.

FiinGroup, as a Vietnam’s leader in financial technology and data analytics business, we have our Data Analytic who discussed and addressed their concerns.

Our solutions:

- Agreeing on the criteria and data analytics approach: Our service team has had a further discussion to understand the client’s detailed requirements. Besides, we assessed data availability to meet the client’s needs through directly filtering our database

- Sector Analysis and Screening: By using our data analytic service, we proceed to screening all companies in their defined industries with key criteria as below:

 + Top companies for each industry by revenue

 + Manufacturing scale: It must be had 02 factories onwards

 + Quantity: 1000 companies for each industry

 + Additional criteria: Exclude FDI Companies

Selected Industry Analysis

- Company Screening: Longlist of top 1000 largest private companies in Vietnam for each target industry with insightful information, including its business profile, financials and operating information.

Key values to the Client:

- Successfully come up with a shortlist of qualified potential partners and customers in Vietnam

- Supplied with basic profile and key financial information

- Helped the Client launch effective marketing campaign for new product: The Client met their internal deadline when quickly identifying targets with time saving.

- Through the service provided by FiinGroup, we contribute to the development of foreign trade between Vietnamese companies and its foreign partners.

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