The World Bank Case Studies - Financial

October 09 2020


Client name: The World Bank

Industry: Financial

Type of Service: Data compilation

Country: International

Challenge: Data for FSAP

Challenge - explained

Financial Sector Assessment Program (“FSAP”) is an important initiative by WB, IMF and the Government of Vietnam to help international investors understand and evaluate Vietnam in a very standardised methodology and indicators There was lack of data inputs specified for Vietnam for a robust and effective evaluation of Vietnamese financial sector


FiinResearch was selected by FSAP team from WB to assist in data compilation and background research in the FSAP


All indicators covering financial sector and related indicators have been validated and supplemented to the FSAP The findings from FSAP has bene helping the policy dialog between WB and IMF for many years and this helped international financial community and investors have a well informed and standardised understanding about Vietnam Financial Sector

Date of completion: Dec 2014

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