NICE Holdings Case Studies

October 09 2020


Client name: NICE Holdings

Industry: Financial

Type of Service: Market Research

Country: Korea

Challenge: Korean investors have a lack of in-depth information about Vietnam financial sector

Challenge - explained

Korean investors have been actively invested in Vietnamese capital markets including equity and fixed income; Korean banks and securities firms and asset managers have increased their exposure in Vietnamese market However, there have been a lack of in-depth analysis about Vietnamese financial sector including banking, monetary market, fixed income, equity, insurance and related macroeconomic dynamics help them informed their risk management.


FiinResearch was engaged by NICE Holdings, a large financial information, research and credit rating agency in Korea, to produce quarterly reports covering in-depth about Vietnam financial sector. The report is prepared at the copyright of FiinResearch and NICE Holdings was a publisher for their clients


FiinResearch ‘s publications have been circulated to hundreds of Korean financial investors who have exposure in Vietnam. Our neutral and un-biased analysis and commentaries helped Korean investors well informed about Vietnam and help shape their investment and risk operations

Date of completion: Quarterly and on-going

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