Viet Nga Steel JSC Case Studies

October 09 2020


Client name: Viet Nga Steel JSC

Industry: Steel

Type of Service: Market Research

Country: Vietnam

Challenge: Stainless-steel market in Vietnam is not clearly analysed and evaluated

Challenge - explained

Viet Duc Steel approached BIDV for a loan to finance the project. However, BIDV required an independent assessment of the market potential and a credit score of Viet Duc Steel to make any credit decision.


With the designation of BIDV, Viet Duc Steel hired FiinGroup to conduct a detailed appraisal and assessment on (i) the stainless-steel industry in general and (ii) the feasibility of the project in particular. The analysis team of FiinGroup presented assessment to leaders of Viet Duc Steal and BIDV to refer and make a decide to finance the project.


A comprehensive report about stainless-steel and inox market was analysed and presented to both company and BIDV. The findings helped the Company revise its business plan for further credit appraisal by BIDV.

Date of completion: March 2017

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