KB Kookmin Card Ltd Case Studies

October 09 2020


Client name: KB Kookmin Card Ltd

Industry: Financial Leasing Market and Intermediary Payment Market

Type of Service: Market Research

Country: Korea

Challenge: Financial Leasing Market and Intermediary Payment Market

Challenge - explained

Finance  Leasing and Intermediary Payment (IPS) markets are hard to understand in Vietnam and hard to assess the growth potentials


FiinResearch was selected to get in-depth understanding of the current situation, key growth drivers and competitive landscape as well as the availability of M&A investment opportunities as a market entry option in this market.


The deliverables for Financial Leasing Market include: Market research on Vietnam financial leasing to assess the current state, identify market drivers and impediments as well as potential investment opportunities for M&A; In-depth analysis of active leasing companies in Vietnam & potential investment opportunities for KB Kookmin Cards; Regulatory review for the operation of leasing companies in Vietnam (licensing, operation, foreign ownership, acquisition, etc.). The deliverables for IPS market include: The structure of Vietnam commercial payment systems and zoom in intermediary payment service systems by non-bank players; Key services portfolio by intermediary payment service providers in Vietnam; Market size and segmentation of IPS players Competitive landscape; Key market trends and growth drivers; Availability of M&A investment opportunities.

Date of complettion: Jan 2020

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