Kotra & Intops Case Studies

November 20 2020


Client name: Kotra & Intops

Industry: Auto part market

Type of Service: Market Research on Injection Autoparts market in Vietnam

Country: Vietnam

Challenge: Intops is one of the key manufacturers in the Korean auto part market but in Vietnam, their business hasn't gone large scale. They are in the strategic planning of scale its business in Vietnam market

Challenge - explained

Kotra is a state-funded trade and investment promotion organization operated by the Government of South Korea. Its mission is to contribute to the development of the national economy through global business support. To be a top-class trade and investment promotion organization, leading the way for SMEs to explore overseas markets and for creating global jobs. With the target of scaling the business in Vietnam, Intops is in need of deep-dive analysis on market demand and also looking for potential collaboration with OEMs and auto part makers in Vietnam. Kotra has recommended FiinResearch to Intops to support them in conducting comprehensive market research on the injection auto part market in Vietnam.


In this assignment, FiinResearch provided in-depth analysis of Assembly capacity of OEMs in Vietnam as well as In-depth Analysis of Injection Auto Part Import Source of 6 OEMs including Thaco, Hyundai, Toyota, VinFast, Honda, and Ford. We also included preliminary findings on injection auto part makers in Vietnam. During the research work, we leverage our comprehensive databases and our business network with leading OEMs in Vietnam. In addition, we discussed with industry experts to capture the real market situation. For purpose of potential collaboration for Intops, we arranged meetings with 6 OEMs and top 10 auto part makers in Vietnam.


Deliverables from FiinResearch with key findings on the injection auto part market in Vietnam Intops were provided to Kotra and Intops. Regarding the purpose of potential collaboration for Intops, FiinResearch also gave 2 recommendation: 1. Intops should explore a potential opportunity with VinFast through the collaboration with Hanoi Plastics/VAPA. 2. THACO's recommendation is Intops should communicate with Kia office in Korea as all auto part supplies for KIA cars in Vietnam should be approved by KIA office in Korea, not THACO (THACO is only assembler and distributor of KIA cars in Vietnam) and INTOP is already an auto part supplier of KIA in Korea. Kotra and Intops have been reviewing all the findings and recommendations from FiinResearch for making their business decisions.

Date of completion: May 2020

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