NIPA Case Studies

November 20 2020


Client name: NIPA

Industry: IT industry

Type of Service: Market Research on selected sectors

Country: Vietnam

Challenge: NIPA is responsilbe for supporting Korean innovative startups and SMEs' penetration into as well as collaboration with local companies in Vietnam.

Challenge - explained

  • National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) is a non-profit government agency affiliated to the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea.
  • NIPA’s primary focus is building a vibrant ecosystem for Korean innovative ICT startups and SMEs to compete and thrive in the global market. And the Representative Office of NIPA in Hanoi is honored to support Korean innovative ICT startups and SMEs’ penetration into as well as collaboration with local companies in Vietnam.
  • Currently, there are many Korean innovative startups and SMEs in such segments as webtoon, robot for software education, STEM kits, VR game contents, interactive books for English education for kids, fitness equipment enhanced by VR technology, community platforms etc., that are interested in Vietnam market. Therefore, NIPA is launching a market research in Vietnam to support Korean companies in their entry strategies into the Vietnam market. As each SMEs NIPA support, it is at the first stage putting attention into making decision for entrance Vietnam market; therefore, they need to know the conclusion of the market research as well as the precautions to make decisions.
  • Since the product of their SMEs/ Startups are new to Vietnam market, NIPA or the Company needed to know market trends and distribution system supporting in Vietnam. Hence, NIPA requested FiinResearch with a comprehensive market research on selected sectors supporting thei SMEs/ Startups from Korea.


  • In the Final report, we provided NIPA/KICC team with in-depth analysis on 6 selected sectors in Vietnam, including Webtoon; Robot for software education/ Stem kits; VR game contents; English education for kids and interactive book; Fitness equipment and Community platform in Vietnam. In details, we provide in the report key findings on current market situation, key trends, distribution system, information of leading players in the market, etc.
  • During the research work, we leverage our comprehensive corporate & industry databases on 6 selected sectors as well as our extensive business network with key stakeholders (i.e. representatives of leading players in 6 selected sectors, distributors, major customers, etc.) to capture insights on how the market is operating.


  • NIPA acknowledged receipt of the final report from FiinResearch and gave a feedback of the high quality report. They also presented the market research report to 6 companies they are supporting within this project for their understanding of the current situations for each sector.
  • They are discussing with our analyst team for further market research on others sectors.
Date of completion: Oct 2020

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