Vietnam Education: Rising demand for private education

March 25 2024



Education spending is on the rise in recent years with 47% of household expenditure in major city being education. With a high school-age population of 24.5 million projected to grow by 0.6% until 2030, the demand for education is on the rise.

Solid growth in expenditure for education sector, indicating higher awareness and high demand for education, especially for private education, foreign language, entrance examination tests and extracurricular activities.

Spending for private education increase at an impressive speed, attracting both local and foreign investors eager to capitalize on the booming market. Hanoi, for example, the penetration rate of international & bilingual schools in Hanoi remains low at 4% for the school year 2023-2024, indicating a huge potential for the private sector to tap on.

Foreign investors have actively penetrated in Vietnam market via M&A, green field, and business collaboration.

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