FiinGroup’s Expert: Supply Surplus Situation Remains until 2030 Despite Long-term Growth Potential

June 13 2024 FiinGroup

Hanoi, Vietnam – [on June 11th, 2024] – Mr. Hai Khieu, Director – Head of Market Research and Consulting Division at FiinGroup joined as a speaker at INTERCEM Asia – a premier conference for cement industry executives worldwide. The conference was attended by 300 cement professionals and industry experts from countries across Asia and further in the USA, Australia, and South Africa, for networking, sourcing materials, and doing business with cement producers and traders.

Vietnam Warehousing: Aggressive expansion of foreign investors

June 10 2024 FiinGroup

Vietnam warehousing sector has shown significant growth and resilience amidst global economic fluctuations. Despite the global economic slowdown, Vietnam warehousing sector continues to expand. This growth is driven by increased demand for cold storage facilities, particularly from the seafood processing industry and fresh food sectors, which account for up to 70-80% of the demand for cold storage in Vietnam. 

Vietnam Banking Report 2024

June 04 2024 FiinGroup

Post-COVID-19, the Vietnamese banking sector navigates a dynamic economic landscape with a blend of challenges and opportunities. Key issues include subdued credit growth, rising non-performing assets and increased competition from fintech startups, pressuring traditional banks to innovate and invest in technology and cybersecurity.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Market Report 2024

May 28 2024 FiinGroup

Vietnam's consumer finance market faced its most challenging year in a decade, impacted by economic slowdowns and adverse credit conditions. Both banks and FinCos endured sluggish credit growth due to multiple challenges, including subdued credit demand, deteriorating borrower credit quality, rising delinquency rates, and the resulting stricter lending practices. Additionally, heavy provisioning weighed on profitability. 

Vietnam Credit Card Market Report 2024

May 23 2024 FiinGroup

Despite a temporary slowdown in 2023 following weakening consumer demand surrounded by unfavourable economic conditions, the credit card market sustained double-digit growth in terms of both active card volume and transaction value. In the first half of 2023, the number of credit cards in circulation multiplied by 2.4 times compared to 2018, and the transaction value via credit cards increased by 35% p.a.

Vietnam Cement Market Report 2024

May 21 2024 FiinGroup

FiinGroup is pleased to introduce Vietnam Cement Market Report 2024, the first and most comprehensive issue on the Vietnam cement industry. This report presents a broad range of topics, both sector-specific and crosscutting market issues.

Vietnam Banking Sector: Driving Through Crosswinds

May 10 2024 FiinGroup

The banking sector experienced substantial earnings volatility in both credit and non-credit segments in 2023. Nearly 80% of banks’ earnings remained reliant on credit, hence along with the slow credit growth trend, banks’ total operating income expanded modestly at about 4% compared to 2022.

Vietnam Wastewater: Exploring Long-Term Opportunities

May 06 2024 FiinGroup

The majority of industrial wastewater undergoes treatment, yet 87% of municipal solid waste (MSW) remains untreated and released into environments such as creeks, lakes, rivers, etc. Only about 13% of the collected drainage and sewerage are treated by centralized wastewater treatment plants.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Market Survey Report

April 23 2024 FiinGroup

The Vietnamese consumer finance market has embarked on a new chapter where credit providers are focused on refining loan services to boost customer satisfaction while regaining growth momentum and profitability.

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