FiinPro Digest #6: Corporate Earnings Back on Track but Oil & Gas and Travel & Leisure

December 18 2020 FiinGroup

The year 2020 is closing and while Q4-2020 corporate earnings takes time to be disclosed, we would like to present “FiinPro Digest #6: Corporate Earnings Back on Track but Oil & Gas and Travel & Leisure” which covers listed companies’ earnings growth and quality in 9M2020 as well as growth forecast for the whole year to provide clients with a longer vision.

FiinResearch - Consumer Finance in Vietnam 1H2020 Review

October 28 2020 FiinGroup

For the first time in a decade, Vietnam consumer finance market experienced a single-digit growth rate (9.2% YoY in the first half of 2020), following aggressive credit growth over the past few year. This is attributed to the dual challenge posed by COVID-19 pandemic and tightening regulations on cash loans disbursement prescribed at Circular 18/2019. However, despite the modest growth rate, Vietnam consumer finance maintained a contribution of over 20% of the country loan book.

FiinPro Digest #5: Vietnamese Corporate Earnings Quality amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

September 01 2020 FiinGroup

As part of “FiinPro Digest” series, “FiinPro Digest #5: Vietnamese Corporate Earnings Quality amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic” aims to provide an updated and insightful analysis on earnings quality of listed companies in the first half of 2020 as well as their growth outlook for the whole year.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam Consumer Finance Market 2020

August 25 2020 FiinGroup

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2020: Challenges and opportunities for getting ahead

FiinReseach has completed a commercial Due Diligence for Praxis Capital Partners in its first overseas transactions to invest in an international school in Hanoi

June 12 2020 FiinGroup

FiinResearch is pleased to announce that its client, Praxis Capital Partners (Korea), together with some other institutional investors have invested in an international school in Hanoi, Vietnam. The School’s name and the terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

FiinPro Digest #3: Covid-19 Pandemic: Assessing the Impacts from Corporate Financial Data Perspective

June 08 2020 FiinGroup

Non-financial public companies: Covid-19 pandemic has made negative impacts on growth and profit quality of these companies in Q1-2020 as well as their profit prospects for the whole year

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam Cement Market Report 2020

May 25 2020 FiinGroup

The growth momentum of Vietnam cement industry in 2019 has slowed down significantly for both domestic and export market. Despite the slowdown in sales growth, local cement manufacturers managed to achieve an improvement in profitability with EBITDA margin from 16.3 percent in 2018 to 16.9 percent in 2019 thanks to good cost management & the increase in retail cement price.

FiinGroup and Indochine Counsel assist the World Bank Group to conduct study in early stage financing for innovative start-ups and SMEs in Vietnam

April 27 2020 FiinGroup

Hanoi, 27 April 2020 -- FiinGroup and Indochine Counsel are pleased to announce the successful completion of a study project on early-stage financing for innovative start-ups and SMEs in Vietnam: “Vietnam Venture Capital and Angel Financing Ecosystem”, as engaged the World Bank Group.

FiinResearch - Vietnam Cement market witnessed significantly reduced growth in 2019 and continue being hit by COVID-19 in the first half of 2020

April 09 2020 FiinGroup

After reaching the record growth of 16.4 percent last year, in 2019, clinker and cement y-o-y sales growth shrank to only 3.2% due to the slowdown in both domestic and export markets.

FiinPro Data Digest #1: Vietnam Stock Market from Data Analytics Perspective

January 14 2020 FiinGroup

The year 2019 has just passed with unattractive stock market performance as VN-Index posted 7.7% growth. Looking back to a longer horizontal, VN-Index only increased by 76% in the past 5 years and by 94% in the past decade, equaling to 12% and 6.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) respectively. This performance was quite low, and to some extent, was disappointing by the investment community in the context of strong macroeconomic fundamentals recently in Vietnam.

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