INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam cold chain market 2019

August 14 2019 FiinGroup

FiinGroup is pleased to introduce Vietnam Cold Chain Market Report 2019, the first and most comprehensive issue on Vietnam cold chain industry. This report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and crosscutting market issues.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Customer Survey 2019: Catering to more sophisticated customers

July 12 2019 FiinGroup

The Consumer Finance market has witnessed significant credit growth of 59% annually over the period of 2014-2018. The last year has been particularly eventful, with at least four new entrants to the market (VietCredit, EasyCredit, Lotte Finance, SHB Finance), putting pressure on the market shares of the Big Four (FE Credit, Home Credit, HD Saison and Prudential Finance). Overall, interests from domestic and abroad have heightened significantly.

Vietnam Banking Report 2019 now available for pre-order at a discount

June 25 2019 FiinGroup

FiinGroup’s highly anticipated Vietnam Banking Report 2019 is coming out in June or possibly early July. Pre-order by July 7 to get 5% off and exclusive offers!

Vietnam cold chain logistics is set on the rise thanks to robust expansion of modern trade retail and food service chains.

June 17 2019 FiinGroup

FiinGroup expects that cold chain industry will reach US$169mn in 2019, fueled by the development of the processing industry and modern trade retails.

Vietnam cement market: Sales growth to lose momentum in 4M2019

June 11 2019 FiinGroup

After the record high of 16.4 percent in 2018, clinker and cement sales contracted by 0.5 percent in 4M2019 due to the slowdown in domestic market as well as exports.

Vietnam consumer finance market: The results from two growth strategies

June 10 2019 FiinGroup

The pace of Vietnam consumer finance growth has currently shown clear signs of slowing down.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam cement market 2019

May 28 2019 FiinGroup

Vietnam cement and clinker sales volume reached record high in 2018 thanks to strong domestic market and robust export activities. Given the strong demand and increasing price, local cement manufacturers enjoyed healthy, improved financial performance from average 14.5 percent EBITDA margin in 2017 to average 16.9 percent EBITDA margin in 2018. This 2019 issue provides the latest information on current supply – demand situation in Vietnam cement sector with the in-depth analysis on key growth drivers as well as additional capacity projection until 2030. Especially, for the first time, the analysis on retail bagged cement price for PCB30 and PCB40 by region and key brands is also included in this report.

China’s investments in Vietnam: Which sectors are the most attractive?

May 10 2019 FiinGroup

After the US applied 10% import tariff on Chinese goods in September 2018, Mainland’s Chinese manufacturers are seeking ways to move out of the country to avoid possible higher tariffs. Their destinations include Vietnam, which is emerging as a manufacturing hub for the world thanks to its open-door policy and numerous free trade agreements that the country engages in. Vietnamese firms are affected to a certain extent, however, not all industries will witness the direct impact of this event.

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