INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam cement market 2019

May 28 2019 FiinGroup

Vietnam cement and clinker sales volume reached record high in 2018 thanks to strong domestic market and robust export activities. Given the strong demand and increasing price, local cement manufacturers enjoyed healthy, improved financial performance from average 14.5 percent EBITDA margin in 2017 to average 16.9 percent EBITDA margin in 2018. This 2019 issue provides the latest information on current supply – demand situation in Vietnam cement sector with the in-depth analysis on key growth drivers as well as additional capacity projection until 2030. Especially, for the first time, the analysis on retail bagged cement price for PCB30 and PCB40 by region and key brands is also included in this report.

China’s investments in Vietnam: Which sectors are the most attractive?

May 10 2019 FiinGroup

After the US applied 10% import tariff on Chinese goods in September 2018, Mainland’s Chinese manufacturers are seeking ways to move out of the country to avoid possible higher tariffs. Their destinations include Vietnam, which is emerging as a manufacturing hub for the world thanks to its open-door policy and numerous free trade agreements that the country engages in. Vietnamese firms are affected to a certain extent, however, not all industries will witness the direct impact of this event.

StoxPlus changed its name to FiinGroup

April 09 2019 FiinGroup

Hanoi, April 11, 2019 – StoxPlus, Vietnam’s leading financial and business information service company, announced today its corporate name was changed to FiinGroup.

M&A in Vietnam: Key challenges for Korean Companies from inside-out perspective

March 15 2019 StoxPlus

Although Korean investors are the most active in Vietnam in term of foreign direct investments (FDI), they are less active in term of indirect investments via merger & acquisition (M&A).

Report on Vietnam maximizing finance for development in the energy sector by the World Bank

February 18 2019

STOXPLUS proudly supported the World Bank with background research and some data for this Report. This is the first ever publication covering comprehensively about the energy sector in Vietnam. Its identifies financing needs and constraints for the electricity and natural gas sectors from 2018 through 2035 and outlines a roadmap for seizing these opportunities.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam banking market 2018

January 16 2019 StoxPlus

Vietnam’s banking reported a successful outcome in 2017. The sector received USD2.39bn in net profit, financial efficiency improved, loan growth was strong, bad debts are being resolved, cost of financing was low, operations become more effective, and bancassurance booked enormous commissions.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam logistics market 2018

January 16 2019 StoxPlus

StoxPlus is pleased to introduce Vietnam Logistics Market 2018 Report, the third issue on this industry. This report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and crosscutting market issues. The purpose of research work is to have an in-depth understanding of logistics market in Vietnam and assessing its potential. The research provides latest information on market size as well as competition landscaping of Vietnam logistics market.

Flexible packaging sector in Vietnam recorded 6.6% growth in 2017, but witnessed declining profit margin due to increasing price of plastic resins

November 21 2018 StoxPlus

Flexible packaging in Vietnam is growing to accommodate other domestic demand sectors given the country’s favorable economic conditions. According to StoxPlus’s Vietnam Flexible Packaging Market 2018 Report, the market size of multilayered flexible packaging sector in 2017 reached approximately US$1.0bn, posting a Y-o-y growth rate of 6.6%. Nevertheless, underdeveloped local production of petrochemical puts packaging manufacturers in an unsafe dependency on imported raw materials. Increasing price of plastic resins has lowered profits of packaging manufacturers in 2017.

Vietnam seeks to appeal more foreign investors in 2018 following record breaking M&A record 2017

October 04 2018 StoxPlus

New record height was set in Vietnam M&A 2017 and first half of 2018 with total deal value of US$17.14bn thanks to increasing “mega” deals valuing over US$100mn. Given the country’s favorable economic conditions such as rising population, improved income per capita, living standard and urbanization rate, Vietnam recorded significant M&A in sectors that focus on domestic demand. In particular, the most active sectors in 2017-1H2018 include Food & Beverage (US$6.49bn), Real Estate (5.41bn) and Banks (US$1.97mn).

StoxPlus: Spotting for opportunities in Vietnam Logistics sector 2018

October 01 2018 StoxPlus

2017 wrap up as a great year for logistics!

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