INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam banking market 2018

January 16 2019 StoxPlus

Vietnam’s banking reported a successful outcome in 2017. The sector received USD2.39bn in net profit, financial efficiency improved, loan growth was strong, bad debts are being resolved, cost of financing was low, operations become more effective, and bancassurance booked enormous commissions.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam logistics market 2018

January 16 2019 StoxPlus

StoxPlus is pleased to introduce Vietnam Logistics Market 2018 Report, the third issue on this industry. This report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and crosscutting market issues. The purpose of research work is to have an in-depth understanding of logistics market in Vietnam and assessing its potential. The research provides latest information on market size as well as competition landscaping of Vietnam logistics market.

Flexible packaging sector in Vietnam recorded 6.6% growth in 2017, but witnessed declining profit margin due to increasing price of plastic resins

November 21 2018 StoxPlus

Flexible packaging in Vietnam is growing to accommodate other domestic demand sectors given the country’s favorable economic conditions. According to StoxPlus’s Vietnam Flexible Packaging Market 2018 Report, the market size of multilayered flexible packaging sector in 2017 reached approximately US$1.0bn, posting a Y-o-y growth rate of 6.6%. Nevertheless, underdeveloped local production of petrochemical puts packaging manufacturers in an unsafe dependency on imported raw materials. Increasing price of plastic resins has lowered profits of packaging manufacturers in 2017.

Vietnam seeks to appeal more foreign investors in 2018 following record breaking M&A record 2017

October 04 2018 StoxPlus

New record height was set in Vietnam M&A 2017 and first half of 2018 with total deal value of US$17.14bn thanks to increasing “mega” deals valuing over US$100mn. Given the country’s favorable economic conditions such as rising population, improved income per capita, living standard and urbanization rate, Vietnam recorded significant M&A in sectors that focus on domestic demand. In particular, the most active sectors in 2017-1H2018 include Food & Beverage (US$6.49bn), Real Estate (5.41bn) and Banks (US$1.97mn).

StoxPlus: Spotting for opportunities in Vietnam Logistics sector 2018

October 01 2018 StoxPlus

2017 wrap up as a great year for logistics!

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam consumer finance market 2018

September 19 2018 StoxPlus

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2018 will summarize all of the movement within financial services . Key highlight would focus on consumer finance growth rate, consumer trend and factors lead to consumer dissatisfaction.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam renewable energy market 2018

September 19 2018 StoxPlus

Vietnam Renewable Energy Report 2018 will highlight key points including market growth rate, Vietnam's potential within industry and following risks.

Vietnam Banking Report 2018: Amidst earnings announcement, concerns about capital adequacy remains

September 14 2018 StoxPlus

Vietnamese banks have been seeing positive news, one after another. Over the first half of 2018, the sector witnessed VND 35,524.84 bn, or USD1.53bn in net profit, equivalent to 64% of the previous years’ income. Thanks to improved financial efficiency, progresses made in bad debt resolution, effective digitization and thriving bancassurance partnerships, bank stocks have become attractive again. By September 2018, the sector saw its stock price performance rising by 22% since the start of the year.

6 Key Takeaways from Vietnam Renewable Energy Conference: "Challenges and Practical Solutions" on 23 August 2018

August 28 2018 StoxPlus

On August 23, 2018, StoxPlus and Eurocham have co-organized the Vietnam Renewable Energy Conference: "Challenges and Practical Solutions" in HCMC, with more than 130 participants from various backgrounds- energy companies, banks, investment funds, insurance, consulting & law firms, etc.

StoxPlus entered into Business Partnership and Data Vendor with the Agency for Business Registration (ABR)

August 16 2018 StoxPlus

Hanoi, 8th August 2018, StoxPlus signed the Business Registration Data Supply Agreement with the Business Registration Supporting Center (“BRSC”) of the Agency for Business Registration Administration (“ABR”) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam (“MPI”) as distributing and reselling business registration information and financial data of enterprises registered in Vietnam.

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