Taekwang Industrial Inc. Case Studies

November 20 2020 FiinGroup

Taekwang Industrial is an integrated manufacturer of Synthetic Fiber, textile, Petrochemical and Advanced Material based in Korea and with office in Shanghai (China)

Tan Hiep Phat JSC Case Studies

November 20 2020 FiinGroup

Tan Hiep Phat Group is one of the largest domestic beverage corporation specializes in manufacturing & distributing RTD tea, sports and energy drinks

Lotte Aluminum Inc Case Studies

November 20 2020 FiinGroup

Lotte Aluminium planned to expand their business in Vietnam and they were considering to penetrate Vietnam market via M&A. They were considering two options: acquiring shares of Liksin Corporation, or investing in its subsidiaries.

Techcombank Case Studies

November 18 2020 FiinGroup

Consumer finance is becoming the most interested market by investors thanks to its ability to fulfill customer needs. At the end of 2014, it was booming with market entries of banks and finance companies. TCB of course didn't want to stand ouside of this hot market but they were lack of market data or in-depth understanding the market trends.

Jidong Development Group Case Studies

November 18 2020 FiinGroup

Jidong Development Group is a holding company with interests in machinery, real estate, and the production of other construction materials. Jidong was planning of expanding its business outside, particularly into the Vietnam market. Before giving the final decision, the company would like to get an in-depth understanding of current market situations

SK Global Chemical Case Studies

November 18 2020 FiinGroup

SK Global Chemical (SKGC) is currently one of the Korean leaders in the petrochemical industry. The Company was considering to expand its trading business in Vietnam regarding flexible packaging market. It is important for SKGC to comprehend the current situation of this market and define competitive landscape. However, it is also challenging for SKGC because there is a lack of information for market insight and key trends. Moreover, this market is highly fragmented.

Oji Holdings Case Studies

November 18 2020 FiinGroup

Republic Cement Case Studies

November 18 2020 FiinGroup

Founded in 1955, Republic Cement has been a partner in the Philippines’ transformation for over 60 years as a building materials company and a key contributor to nation building. They are in need of in-depth information on the export situation of cement from Vietnam, especially to Phillipines

Daiwa Can Case Studies

October 09 2020 FiinGroup

As a leading private equity fund with focus on high growing sectors in South East Asia including Vietnam, Praxis Capital Partners approached some private education businesses in Vietnam for prospective PE investment. While the media headline and general observations confirmed the potential of the market and the business model of 3 selected target companies, there are an absence of market data and primary research in Vietnam to confirm the investment themes. Previously Praxis engaged a international consulting firm to study the market but there have been a lack of “on-the-ground” data-driven evidence and analysis supporting their themes.

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