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Statistics on average deposit and lending interest rates of commercial banks by month from 2008 to August 2013

September 28 2013


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Data by Banking activities report of the Vietnamese State Bank. Average deposit interest rates of commercial banks are now around 7.5%, the loan interest rate of mid and long-term loan are on average of 12.5%

Vietnam Water Supply Report 2013

July 30 2013


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In Vietnam, there are 68 water supply companies, supplying drinking water to urban areas. Surface water sources account for 70% of the total source water and 30% of the rest is ground water. Water supply capacity: There are more than 420 water supply systems with a total designed capacity of 5.9 million m3/day.

How do we restructure and recapitalise the Vietnamese banks?

October 31 2011


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Vietnamese commercial banks have been facing serious problems due to soaring level of non- performing loans, liquidity shortage, low profitability, and poor corporate governance and risk management practices.