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Vietnam Plastic Packaging Market 2021

June 21 2021


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Vietnam plastic packaging market posted strong performance with CAGR 2015-20 of 12.5% to reach approx. US$6.6bn in 2020. The market is dominated by flexible packaging segment (i.e. multi-layered and mono-layered packaging), accounting for 77% of total market size in 2020.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2021

June 21 2021


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Vietnam consumer finance plunged to low double-digit growth (10.7% YoY) following a challenging period of turbulent market conditions, rising levels of borrower distress, and tightening regulations on cash loans disbursement under Circular No. 18/2019/TT-NHNN. On the bright side, the pandemic prompted the acceleration of digital transformation of customer journey amongst FinCos.

Vietnam Cement Market Report 2021

May 28 2021


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Vietnam cement industry expanded by 0.9% in 2020, mainly driven by buoyant clinker and cement export activities while domestic sales recorded deceleration due to negative impact of COVID-19. Given weakened domestic demand & the rise in fuel cost, list cement manufacturers recorded a deteriorated average EBITDA margin from 17.0% in 2019 to only 15.8% in 2020.

Consumer Finance in Vietnam - First-Half 2020 Review

October 27 2020


47 pages

Vietnam consumer finance market experienced a single-digit growth rate (9.2%) YoY in 1H2020. This is attributed to the dual challenge posed by COVID-19 pandemic and tightening regulations on cash loans disbursement prescribed at Circular 18/2019. However, Vietnam consumer finance maintained a contribution of over 20% of the country loan book.

Vietnam Banking Report 2020

September 04 2020


120 pages

FiinGroup’s Banking Report 2020 provide an in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on every aspect of the banking sector and individual banks, including credit growth, asset quality, earning quality, liquidity, profitability, operation efficiency, development trends and regulations in response to the pandemic.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2020

June 04 2020


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The 2019 has been particularly eventful, with the revival of at least two inactive FinCos to the market (PTFinance, FCCOM), putting pressure on the market shares of the incumbents. Consumer Finance increased its contribution to national loan book to 20.6% in 2019, up from the 19.7% in 2018. Given the current market size, CF penetration in Vietnam is currently considered slow compared to its regional peers, signifying an attractive growth prospect.

Vietnam Cement Market Report 2020

March 17 2020


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The growth momentum of Vietnam cement industry in 2019 has slowed down significantly for both domestic and export market. Despite the slowdown in sales growth, local cement manufacturers managed to achieve an improvement in profitability with EBITDA margin from 16.3 percent in 2018 to 16.9 percent in 2019 thanks to good cost management & the increase in retail cement price.

Consumer Finance in Vietnam - First-Half 2019 Review

October 23 2019


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Consumer finance (CF) market is getting crowded. New entrants like Easy Credit, Lotte Finance, Shinhan Finance, SHB Finance are eroding market share of key players HD Saison, Home Credit. Cash loan still dominate loan book of FinCos. Key players like FE Credit, JACCs are switching to offer credit cards to customer with good credit history instead of aggressively seizing new customers for 2W, consumer durables, etc.,

Vietnam Banking Report 2019

July 09 2019


116 pages

In 2018 and 1H2019, Vietnamese banks registered high profitability despite moderate credit growth, thanks to income from retail services and bancassurance. While NPL is on a declining trend, the main challenges remain undercapitalization, low CAR, and slow listing progress. Throughout the review period, the Government has released draft amendments to several key policies. Within the Scheme to restructure Vietnam's financial system 2016-2020, the country is on track to strengthen and stabilize the banking sector and encourage the development of

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2019 - Customer Survey

June 26 2019


79 pages

After two years, awareness about CF products and services has increased significantly thanks to FinCos’ marketing efforts, new FinCo entrants, and nation-wide media coverage. Unlike 2017, when in need for cash loans, more people think of FinCos first rather than banks. FiinGroup's 2019 survey report is for new FinCos entering the Vietnam market and existing FinCos to measure their performance and customers’ satisfaction.