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Vietnam Banking Report 2019

July 09 2019


116 pages

In 2018 and 1H2019, Vietnamese banks registered high profitability despite moderate credit growth, thanks to income from retail services and bancassurance. While NPL is on a declining trend, the main challenges remain undercapitalization, low CAR, and slow listing progress. Throughout the review period, the Government has released draft amendments to several key policies. Within the Scheme to restructure Vietnam's financial system 2016-2020, the country is on track to strengthen and stabilize the banking sector and encourage the development of

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2019 - Customer Survey

June 26 2019


79 pages

After two years, awareness about CF products and services has increased significantly thanks to FinCos’ marketing efforts, new FinCo entrants, and nation-wide media coverage. Unlike 2017, when in need for cash loans, more people think of FinCos first rather than banks. FiinGroup's 2019 survey report is for new FinCos entering the Vietnam market and existing FinCos to measure their performance and customers’ satisfaction.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Market Report 2019

June 26 2019


76 pages

FinCo's YoY growth decelerated, signaling a slowdown for the market players due to the crowding market as the existing FinCos have to compete against both retail banks and new entrants. At the same time, the players are being constrained with SBV’s tightened supervision and lack of new products. Installment products have started to reach saturation, whereas cash loans are facing the SBV’s restrictions. However, given heightened interest in the CF sector in Vietnam, targets for M&A is expected to have high valuation and the sector has an excitin

Vietnam Cold Chain Market Report 2019

June 24 2019


80 pages

Cold chain industry in Vietnam is estimated to size at US$169mn in 2019. Thanks to the development of processing industry in Vietnam and rapid growth of modern trade, cold chain industry in Vietnam is growing quickly. There are two main segments in cold chain industry in Vietnam including cold storage and cold transportation

Vietnam Cement Market 2019 Report

April 11 2019


63 pages

Vietnam cement and clinker sales volume reached record high in 2018 thanks to strong domestic market and robust export activities. Given the strong demand and increasing price, local cement manufacturers enjoyed healthy, improved financial performance from average 14.5 percent EBITDA margin in 2017 to average 16.9 percent EBITDA margin in 2018

Vietnam Flexible Packaging Market 2018 Report

November 05 2018


64 pages

In Vietnam Flexible Packaging Report 2018, StoxPlus presents an in-dept analysis of flexible packaging industry: sector-specific breakdown and crosscutting market issues. The purpose of this report is to assess potentials of flexible packaging market in Vietnam through market size and growth, value chain analysis and competition dynamics. In addition, this issue also offers the analysis financial performance of Vietnam flexible packaging manufacturers as well as latest trends of several end-use markets for flexible packaging market in Vietnam s

Vietnam Logistics Market 2018 Report

September 25 2018


81 pages

In Vietnam Logistics Market 2018, StoxPlus covered comprehensive content including all important sectors such as Vietnam transportation, port operation, warehousing and express services. Additionally, most up-to-date hot issues, for example: market size; operational & financial performance of key players including Vinalines, Vinafco, Gemadept, Indotrans, Keuhne + Nagel, Schenker, DKSH Vietnam, Viettel Post, VN Post, Tan Cang Warehousing, LOTTE Logistics; market movements such as contract logistics and e-commerce trendline are also featured in o

Vietnam Banking Report 2018

August 06 2018


87 pages

In this Vietnam Banking sector report 2018, we reported banking growth in 2017 and Q12018, including credit growth, deposit growth, liquidty, capital adequacy, bad debt, profitability and operational efficiency. Retail banking (includes consumer finance) brought in high profitability for banks in 2017, expressed in better NIM, ROA and ROE while resolution 42 by state bank of Vietnam accelarated NPL resolution. Banking sector also saw improving liquidity both interbank, G-bond and OMO market. Mobile banking, Bancassurance and fintech are trends

Vietnam Consumer Finance Market 2018 Report

May 11 2018


84 pages

Consumer finance in Vietnam is growing thanks to incline of cash loans, credit cards, consumer durables, housing loans (both mortgage and unsecured loans) and personal overdraft while home appliance loans declined. Loan products have diversified from POS, instalment loans to credit card, Intermediary payment service and P2P lending, following fintech trend. The market is still led by 3 players FE credit, Home credit and HD Saison, followed by Prudential Finance, Mirae Asset, JACCS, MCredit. F88 and Tima are 2 famous lenders rising with paulsho

Vietnam Cement Market 2018 Report

April 20 2018


82 pages

Vietnam cement industry to recover thanks to robust export activities.As stated in StoxPlus Cement Market Report 2018, Vietnam cement & clinker sales volume reached 80.3 million tonnes in 2017, posting an increasing growth rate for 3 years in a row. Although domestic consumption has contributed largely of over 70% for the total sales for several years, recent years have witnessed its sluggish growth rate from 9.5% (2015) to 1.4% (2017)