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Vietnam Logistics Market Report 2017

September 06 2017


105 pages

According to StoxPlus’s Vietnam Logistics Market 2017, Vietnam’s 20 years of sustained, rapid economic growth have generated increasing levels of transport and logistics demand. 3PL industry is believed to grow healthily at two-digit growth in the period 2017 – 2020.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Customer Survey 2017

August 11 2017


88 pages

StoxPlus is pleased to announce our third issue on Vietnam Consumer Finance Customer Survey 2017, providing insights into CF customer journey and customer satisfaction with each CF player.

Vietnam Cement Report 2017

June 05 2017


112 pages

Vietnam cement supply surplus is rising alarmingly. According to StoxPlus’s Vietnam Cement Market 2017 report, there are 93 cement facilities in Vietnam with total production capacity of 100.3 million tonnes of cement per annum. In consumption side, domestic consumption continued to rise meanwhile export witnessed the negative growth

Vietnam Consumer Finance Market Report 2017

May 10 2017


78 pages

According to StoxPlus’s Vietnam Consumer Finance 2017 report, Consumer Finance Market continued to flourish in 2016 with growth rate of 30%. By the end of 2016, total consumer finance loan balance reached US$26.55 bn, accounting for 10% GDP. Even though the market is slowing down the growth trajectory, it is still enjoying high growth rate compared to other segments in financial services.

Vietnam Logistics Market 2016 Report

January 10 2017


114 pages

According to StoxPlus’s Vietnam Logistics Market 2016, total logistics cost reached US$38.85bn in 2015, equivalent to 20.8% of total GDP. The figure points out the early development stage of Vietnam logistics sector. Logistics experts at StoxPlus state that there are around 1,300 logistics firms

Vietnam Flexible Packaging Market 2016

December 07 2016


86 pages

Vietnam flexible packaging market can be segmented into two categories namely mono-layered and multi-layered. According to StoxPlus’s Vietnam Flexible Packaging Report 2016, the multi-layered segment is estimated to size at US$891mn in 2015, posting a growth rate of 8.8% compared to the year 2014. The market is expected to be very potential and attractive thanks to strong growth of various end-used sectors and packaging outsourcing trend, particularly from Impulse & Indulgence products, Noodles and Seafood.

Vietnam Banking Report 2016

November 14 2016


106 pages

Vietnam banking sector's credit growth in 2016 is estimated to be around 21.82% y-o-y. Retail loans, especially Housing Loan and Consumer Finance are being built up aggressively with CAGR at approximately 21.7%. High credit growth with focuses on real estate lending is rising back the NPL threat for the market.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Customer Survey 2016

September 23 2016


91 pages

“What do my customers want?” and “How to define the customer decision journey of CF customers?” that is the question that every finance company asks more frequently.

Vietnam Animal Feed Market Report 2016

August 29 2016


107 pages

[Vietnam Animal Feed Market 2016 Report]: 13.26 million tones of industrial animal feed were consumed in 2015: The consumption of feed has grown in line with the development of livestock sector, 20 million tones of animal feed are needed for the growing of livestock in Vietnam. Of which, there are 13.26 tones of industrial feed and 6.27 tones of self-made feed.

Vietnam Bank Card Report 2016

August 19 2016


88 pages

[Vietnam Bank Card Report 2016]: Vietnam Bank card market is growing exponentially over the past years, reaching US$74.4bn by YE2015. Undoubtedly, the growth of card revenue has drew by ATM withdrawal fee as resulted from the dominant of cash. As such, a huge opportunity is trill untapped in card market.