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Vietnamese Banks: a Helicopter View

April 14 2016


72 pages

A Complete Factsheet for Vietnam Banking Sector as a whole and all 43 commercial banks which accounted for whole banking sector exposure in Vietnam, covering from 2008 up to 3Q2012.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Report 2015

April 10 2016


111 pages

StoxPlus pleased to introduce our third issue on Vietnam Consumer Finance (“CF”) Market report 2015. Fast forward to this new edition of our report, StoxPlus provided an updated and comprehensive analysis on the small but fast-growing consumer finance market in Vietnam.

Vietnam Flexible Packaging Market 2015

April 10 2016


94 pages

Vietnam flexible packaging market can be segmented into two categories namely mono-layered and multi-layered. According to StoxPlus’ Vietnam Flexible Packaging Report 2015, the multi-layered segment is estimated to size at US$800mn in 2014, posting a growth rate of 10.1% compared to the year 2013. The market is expected to be very potential and attractive thanks to strong growth of various end-used sectors and packaging outsourcing trend, particularly from Impulse & Indulgence products, Noodles and Seafood.

Vietnam Cement Market Report 2015

April 10 2016


106 pages

Vietnam cement market would reach the equilibrium by 2022 at our base case scenerio of 7% growth rate, according to StoxPlus's report 2015. Despite the strong growth of domestic cement consumption together with exporting activities, Vietnam cement market is forecasted to experience a supply surplus of 20% in the next future year. This problem can not be solved without adjusting the Government's Master Plan on Cement Development and the consolidation process in Vietnam cement sector.

Vietnam PET Packaging Market 2015

April 10 2016


92 pages

Vietnam PET packaging market can be segmented into 3 categories namely (i) PET pre-forms & PET bottles, (ii) Labelling, and (iii) Caps & Closure. According to StoxPlus’ Vietnam PET Packaging Market 2015 Report, the PET pre-forms and PET bottles market is estimated to size at US$445mn in 2014, posting a growth rate of 11.4% compared to the year 2013. Potential revenue pool for PET packaging is high (three times the current size), but market structure and organization make it difficult for PET manufactures to realize such potentials.

Vietnam Apparel Industry 2015

April 10 2016


73 pages

According to Vietnam apparel market 2015, Vietnam domestic market saw a solid growth during the last few years, with the CAGR from 2010-2014 of 13.9%. The market size was estimated at US$ 3.5 bn in 2014.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Market Customer Survey 2015

August 12 2015


89 pages

As has been evident for the last 3 years, Vietnam Consumer Finance market was computed at US$10.4bn in August 2015 as a small but fast-growing market. Vietnam Consumer Finance Customer Survey 2015 presents StoxPlus's latest insights and study on finance companies.

Vietnam Cement Report 2014

August 12 2014


81 pages

Vietnam cement market would reach an equilibrium by 2026 in our base case forecasting, according to StoxPlus' report 2014. Based on analysis of macroeconomics and cement demand factors such as the status of infrastructure development and residential sector, StoxPlus forecasts a 5% annual demand growth for cement ...

Preliminarily Review on State-owned Enterprises of Vietnam

July 15 2014


22 pages

There were 1309 wholly State-owned enterprises (“SOEs”) in Vietnam by the end of 2011. In which, 573 SOEs had been announced for equitisation (partially privatisation) for period 2011-2015

Vietnam Cold Storage & Warehousing 2013

July 14 2014


17 pages

Total logistics cost in Vietnam is largely at US$25bn and total transportation cost is about US$15bn. However, the sector is still in early development stages with more than 1200 companies. Cold chain can be divided in to two systems: cold storage and cold transportation (including cold trucks, cold containers, cold air cargo).