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Vietnam M&A Report 2024

February 27 2024


45 pages

In 2023, FiinGroup recorded 220 M&A transactions worth US$5 billion, reflecting a 33% decline from the previous year. Inbound” M&A dominated the market, comprising 80.9% of the total deal value in 2023 thanks to the aggressive acquisition from Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia investors. Domestic transactions accounted for just 15.8% of the total deal value, marking a significant decrease from the 65% proportion observed in 2022, This decline can be chiefly attributed to the challenging conditions in the macro-economic context, stringent regulatio

Vietnam M&A Research Report 2019

August 27 2019


97 pages

Our M&A 2019 report provides latest key facts & figures and insights about Inbound M&A, Domestic M&A and Outbound M&A in Vietnam. We also presented sector review for Real Estate, Industrial Goods & Services, F&B, Banks, Utilities, Health Care and Education. The report further reviewed key themes for M&A in 2018 and 1H2019: M&A Valuation, SOE IPOs and Divestments, FTAs, new Competition Law and Securities Law. Finally, we offered our perspectives and outlook on M&A activities in Vietnam.

Vietnam M&A Research Report 2018

September 18 2018


60 pages

M&A in Vietnam in 2017-1H2018 hit record breaking deal values mostly thanks to inbound transactions focusing on domestic demand sectors. Vietnam proves to be an attractive M&A destination as the country has favorable economic conditions such as growing population, income, and urbanization rate. Next to positive macroeconomic settings, Vietnam is also ongoing an equitization and banks restructure processes that can open many investment opportunities.

Vietnam M&A Research Report 2017

August 28 2017


79 pages

New record high was set in Vietnam M&A 2016, however the momentum slows down in 1H2017: Despite lower deal number (308 deals in 2016 compared to 332 deals in 2015), M&A activities in Vietnam set new record high with a big jump in total deal value to US$10.16bn in 2016, increasing by almost 95% compared to the previous year

Vietnam M&A Research Report 2016

January 14 2016


79 pages

Vietnam M&A continued its upward trend. According to StoxPlus’ Vietnam M&A Research Report 2016, the market recorded 341 M&A deals closed with total value of US$5.20bn. This indicates a 23.1% increase in terms of number of deals (compared to 277 deals in 2014) and 9.7% increase in deal value (compared to US$4.74bn). Conforming to experts at StoxPlus, Vietnam M&A market 2016 would be more bouyant, especially in Industrial Goods & Services and Textitles thanks to many FTAs signed.

Vietnam M&A Report 2015

February 13 2015


97 pages

Vietnam M&A market is back on an upward trend with deal value totaling US$4.66bn: StoxPlus’ M&A report 2015 recorded 265 completed M&A deals in 2014 with value totaling US$4.66bn, an increase of 33.1% from 2013 (total deal value recorded by StoxPlus in 2013 was US$ 3.504bn).

Vietnam M&A Research Report 2013 and 1H2014

August 15 2014


54 pages

Total Vietnam M&A deal value is on a decreasing trend since 2011. Vietnam M&A market has been on a decreasing trend, both in terms of number of deals as well as deal value. In 2013, StoxPlus recorded 182 M&A deals with total transaction value of US$3.2bn

Vietnam M&A 2012 Report and 2013 Outlook

April 16 2013


38 pages

Japanese investors are still the most active but they had a smooth shift to small and medium companies who are good at their niche markets. Corporations from ASEAN countries, leveraging on their cheap cost of capital market, are penetrating into Vietnam by majority equity investments with management control.

Báo cáo Triển Vọng M&A Việt Nam 2013

April 09 2013


53 pages

Thị trường Mua bán và Sáp nhập (M&A) Việt Nam 2012 suy giảm đáng kể so với năm 2011. Tổng quy mô thị trường đạt 4,9 tỷ USD với 157 thương vụ trong năm 2012 (năm 2011 là 267 thương vụ, tổng trị giá 6,3 tỷ USD).

StoxPlus Vietnam M&A Issue2

May 30 2012


90 pages

We are pleased to bring to you the Vietnam 2011-2012 M&A Research Report. While our previous report Vietnam Deals Review (Issue 1) in September 2011 focused on the sell-side who are business owners and company executives in Vietnam, this Issue 2 addresses issues from the buyside perspective.