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Vietnam Agrochemicals Market 2018

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Below are some key findings in this preview:

  1. Agrochemicals is segmented into 2 segments: Fertilizers and Pesticides. Fertilizers sector includes Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium (K) and NPK Synthetic while Pesticides sector includes Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides
  2. During 2013-2017 period, total supply of fertilizers fluctuated following the pace of agriculture sector, which is heavily impacted by environmental factors. Key sub-segments including NPK (37% of total consumption), Urea (~23%) and Phosphate (~15%) are satisfied by domestic production while Kali, SA and majority (80%-90%) of DAP are imported due to the shortage of raw materials and high production cost.
  3. Vietnam fertilizer market is fragmented with the participation of approx. 500 producers and distributors. Of which, the majority are small-scaled and family-run businesses. Vinachem and PVN (via their subsidiaries) dominated fertilizer sector with 44.4% market share in 2017.
  4. Total value of import pesticides and materials reached approx. US$1bn in 2017, posting CAGR 2013-2017 of 7%.
  5. There are over 200 manufacturing and trading enterprises in Vietnam pesticides. Of which, top 10 key importers occupied approx. 40% of total import value in 2017. By total import volume, leading companies are Viet Thang (4.3% market share in 2017), Nicotex (3.4%) and Loc Troi Group (2.7%).






Vietnam Agrochemicals Market Preview 2018

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