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Vietnam Plastic Packaging Market 2021

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FiinGroup is pleased to introduce Vietnam Plastic Packaging Market Report 2021, the first and most comprehensive issue on Vietnam plastic packaging industry including flexible packaging and rigid packaging. This report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and crosscutting market issues.

What’s New? Vietnam plastic packaging market posted strong performance with CAGR 2015-20 of 12.5% to reach approx. US$6.6bn in 2020. The market is dominated by flexible packaging segment (i.e. multi-layered and mono-layered packaging), accounting for 77% of total market size in 2020.The market is driven by increasing demand from end-use sectors such as beverage, sauce & condiment, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, homecare & personal care, agricultural products, export activities, etc.

This 2021 issue provides the latest updates on Vietnam plastic packaging market including market structure, value chain, market size, competitive landscape and key development trends with the focus on two main segments namely flexible packaging and rigid plastic packaging. In addition, in-depth analysis on plastic packaging outlook from food & non-food sectors is also included in this report.

Below are the most critical findings in our eighth issue:

  1. Vietnam plastic packaging market recorded healthy sales growth with CAGR 2015-20 of 12.5%. The market is driven by increasing demand from end-use sectors such as beverage, sauce & condiment, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, homecare & personal care, agricultural products, export activities, etc. 
  2. Vietnam flexible packaging market recorded strong performance with CAGR 2015-20 of 12.6%, reaching US$5.1bn in 2020. Of which, the market is driven by mono-layered flexible packaging (i.e. shrinkable films, T-bag, shopping/garage bag, woven bag, agricultural film, etc.) while multi-layered flexible packaging segment witnessed stable annual growth of 8%. 
  3. Multi-layered flexible packaging segment is dominated by foreign-owned companies such as Tapack (Dongwon - Korea), Batico (SCG - Thailand), Saigon Trapaco (MeiwaPax – Japan), Huhtamaki, J.S Packaging, Fuji Seal, etc. while local manufacturers led the mono-layered flexible packaging. 
  4. Flexible packaging manufacturers recorded consecutive declining profit margin with average NPM of 1.7% in 2019, driven by sharply increasing cost of materials including plastic resins. In addition, given fierce competitive landscape and high purchasing power of end-use customers, it is challenging for flexible packaging manufacturers to pass all additional expenses (i.e. increase in raw materials, new investment cost, selling expenses, etc.) to the end-use customers. 
  5. Rigid plastic packaging market in Vietnam generated CAGR 2015-20 of 11.7% to reach over US$1.5bn in 2020. The strong growth is contributed from both domestic production as well as import activities. The market is dominated by Top 10 manufacturers that accounted for 36.4% of market share in 2019. 
  6. Rigid packaging companies' profitability followed the downward trend since 2016 due to rising raw material price. Given capital-intensive nature (i.e. R&D, investment in mold & new production lines, short cycle of products), rigid plastic packaging in Vietnam managed to achieve net profit margin of less than 5% in average.

What’s New?

4 – 7


Section 1: Overview of Vietnam Plastic Packaging Market

8 – 24


Market structure and description

8 – 9


Value chain analysis

10 - 13


Market size and segmentation

14 - 17


Key sector development trends

18 - 20


Regulatory review

21 - 24


Section 2: In-depth Analysis of Vietnam Flexible Packaging Market

25 - 55


Market size & segmentation

25 - 27


Competitive landscape

28 - 55


In-depth analysis of market share

28 - 31


Sector financial performance review

32 - 35


Profiling of Top 5 flexible packaging manufacturers in Vietnam

36 - 41


Key growth drivers & market outlook

42 - 55


Section 3: In-depth Analysis of Vietnam Rigid Packaging Market

56 - 85


Market size & segmentation

56 - 59


Competitive landscape

60 - 73


In-depth analysis of market share

60 - 63


Sector financial performance review

64 - 67


Profiling of Top 5 rigid packaging manufacturers in Vietnam

68 - 73


Key growth drivers & market outlook

74 - 85


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