April 14 2016


Vietnamese Banks: a Helicopter View

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Without a fully functional domestic capital market, loan growth continues to be a key driver of Vietnam’s GDP growth. A thirst for financial information of the local banks is for real as only 8 out of 41 domestic commercial banks are listed in HOSE and HNX where their financial information may be available, the rest has not been publicly available to investment community. An enormous number of data orders on this sector have sent to us. In response to market demand, we have issued our first data coverage on Vietnam Banking Sector which is a must for any institution having exposure in Vietnamese banks or providing research products on this sector.

Key Data Features:

A Complete Factsheet for Vietnam Banking Sector as a whole and all 41 commercial banks which accounted for whole banking sector exposure in Vietnam; most up-to-date financial statements including those of state-owned banks such as BIDV and Agribank and many privatized banks which are not publicly available; and detailed Notes to Financial Statements standardized for individual banks and Sector.

Audited financial statements (Vietnamese Accounting Standards) which are reliable, accurate and traceable with official sources where indicated. We have direct access to authorized and official sources for all banks and financial sector including securities and insurance firms in Vietnam.
Most financial ratios and data such as CAR, NPLs are sourced from the central bank and other official sources.

Other data and figures on request are serviced by a team of 40 data clerks and analysts supervised by CFA and ACCA qualified staff.

Information is updated quarterly or on request from our clients.

Who should use the data:

  • Banks & financial institutions
  • Investment funds
  • Asset managers
  • Research houses
  • Rating agencies
  • Other with exposure in Vietnam Banking Sector


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1 Vietnamese Banks - Bring them together 4-5 
2 Sector Valuation 6 
3 Key Ratios 7 
4 Balance Sheets Summary  8 
5 P&L Summary 9 
6 Key Financial Ratios 10 
7 Banks Profile 11-79

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