April 16 2013


Vietnam M&A 2012 Report and 2013 Outlook

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Foreign investors and players continued making the acquisition of Vietnamese companies. Japanese investors are still the most active but they had a smooth shift to small and medium companies who are good at their niche markets. Corporations from ASEAN countries, leveraging on their cheap cost of capital market, are penetrating into Vietnam by majority equity investments with management control. Total market size of M&A in 2012 achieved US$4.9bn with 157 recorded transactions which is far below the US$6.3bn and 267 deals in 2011. While inbound M&A by foreign investors are still at high sentiment, domestic M&A are at a half size as compared to 2011 due to the drop in real estate sector.

Summary of our report

- Total M&A market size fell but inbound M&A was still in high sentiment;

- Japanese firms remain at a leading position;

- ASEAN firms are active in acquiring majority stakes with management control in Vietnamese businesses;

- Construction and Materials industry are the most attractive sectors to foreign investors;

- Market insights for sell side perspectives.


In section 3 of this report, we provide comprehensive analysis of outlook for M&A in a selection of sectors namely banking, consumer finance, real estate, cement and foods & beverages.


We have also analysed M&A from seller perspectives as a strategy to overcome financial difficulty and provide useful guidance for developing a M&A strategy as well as seeking, negotiating with potential strategic investors and maximising deal value.

This report is prepared by a team of ACCA chartered accountants, CFA charterholders and experienced analysts at StoxPlus. 

StoxPlus is proud to be a leading business information corporation in Vietnam, providing comprehensive information, analytic solutions, and industry research for both domestic and foreign investors, banks, financial institutions, corporate owners and management.

Who should purchase the report

All companies and business owners who are engaging directly or indirectly in M&A as way of business expansion or development:

- Corporations who are interested in M&A with Vietnamese companies;
- M&A advisory firms;
- Banks & financial institutions;
- Private equity funds
- Asset managers;
- Research houses; and
- Others with exposure in Vietnam market.

Introduction 3
Executive Summary 4 – 5  
Section 1: Overview of M&A Market in 2012 and Q1/2013 6 – 15  
Section 2: Key M&A Themes in 2012 16 – 22   
Section 3: Sector Review and Outlook 23 – 28  
 Banking 24
 Consumer Finance 25
 Real Estate 26
 Food & Beverage 27
 Cement   28
Section 4: Maximizing value for Sell side 29 – 33   
Appendix 1: Top 10 Inbound M&A Deals 34 – 36  
Our Methodology 37
About StoxPlus 38

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