October 03 2017


Vietnam Cold Storage Market 2017 Report

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StoxPlus is pleased to introduce Vietnam Cold Storage Market 2017 Report, the second issued on this industry. This report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and cross-cutting market issues.

We have completed a review of the Vietnam cold storage market landscape, including an overview of the existing commercial cold storage providers and their pricing, a demand analysis of key end-user groups, investment activities, and legal framework. We also pointed out some of the key issues with regards to the cold storage demand for investment opportunity.

Below are the most critical findings in our first issue:

1)       The total designed capacity of Vietnam commercial cold storages was estimated at 450,000 pallets in 2017: There are 20 professionally-managed commercial cold storages in the South of Vietnam, 40–50 in the North, and many other small independent cold storages.

2)       There are four main sources of cold storage demand in Vietnam including seafood, meat, fruit & vegetables, and grocery retailing. All segments pose potential opportunities for commercial cold storage providers. However, each segment poses particular requirements for cold storage providers to fulfill the market potentials. For example, key drivers for cold storage development in Vietnam are seafood export activities, which indicates a need for more cold storages near major ports. Hence, a holistic strategy of segment targeting, location selection and marketing is required to maximize growth for cold storage investors.

3)       Occupancy rate is very high at over 90% at almost all cold storages: In our survey, it was surprising to find that the occupancy rate at almost cold storages is very high at over 90%, and that some have even reached full capacity. It is not yet peak season for seafood harvesting and export. The peak season is usually from May to October. However, the occupancy rate might fluctuate constantly, as each vendor only uses the storage for a couple of days to two weeks before shipping the inventory out.

4)       The average cold storage leasing price is US$0.70 a pallet per day: The leasing price of cold storage ranges from US$0.56 – US$0.90 a pallet per day. However, some cold storage providers separate their handling and docking fees (for example, Hung Vuong adds US$1 per tonne for handling and loading costs), while others like Swire include all of the basic services.

5)       In terms of competition dynamics, there are four main groups in the Vietnam commercial cold storage market, namely foreign-owned, local, logistics companies, and others. Local providers dominate the market in terms of designed capacity, whereas foreign-owned providers are the market leaders in storage quality & management services.

6)       Competition landscape is most active among the top 5 players: There are 20 professionally managed cold storage providers and many other small independent cold storages. Yet, small cold storages are not trusted by end-users. As the leasing prices of cold storage providers do not differ much from each other, the quality of storage facilities is a key to customers.

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Executive Summary






Vietnam Cold Storage Market Overview

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Market Structure & Description

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Market Size & Segmentation

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18 – 19


Growth Potential for Vietnam Cold Storage

21 - 39


Demand Analysis

21 – 33


Profiling of Top 5 End-users

35 – 39


Competition Landscaping & Analysis

41 – 57


Market Share

41 – 44


Key Operational

46 – 48


New Investments in the next 5 years



Profiling of Top 5 Players

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59 - 67


Macroeconomics in Vietnam

59 – 61


Regulatory Framework

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Appendix 1: Vietnam seafood export in 2016



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